I've heard skylights leak. Is this true?

A properly installed and maintained skylight or roof window should not leak. Decades ago, when materials and installation methods were not nearly as advanced, there may have been issues with improperly installed roof windows. Today, modern materials, installation methods and quality checks have virtually eliminated any issue with potential leaks.

What colors do your skylights come in?

All current skylight and roof window units from VELUX are a neutral grey color that blends well with most roofing materials. However, copper cladding is available upon request for deck mounted skylights and select roof windows.

How is the 'Sun Tunnel' different from a standard skylight?

The flexible tunnel VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylight is the simplest and fastest way available to install any tubular daylighting device. It bends easily around attic obstructions like pipes and wires making alignment between the roof and ceiling simple.