Why Natural Light?

Skylights have become more popular than ever, and present a stunning variety of amazing designs and lighting strategies.

An obvious benefit is energy savings... we are all mindful of saving on energy expenses, and the light provided by skylights is one of the best ways to add daylight to your home or office. Plus, there are a number of professional and clinical studies that suggest better exposure to natural daylight can help mood and energy levels for most people.

Innovative systems like The Sun Tunnel can even allow natural light to flow into a room that is not a candidate for placement of traditional skylights. Plus advances in glass manufacturing and treatment over the years have brought stunning improvements in heat and UV light management flowing through windows of all sorts, including roof windows and skylights. Skylights can be fixed, flat, domes or even vented and offer a lot of choices based on the type of area in which they will be located.

Skylights are a wonderful way to enhance a home, save energy and bring free natural light into our living and working spaces.

Designing With Light
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